Art Guild of Tellico Village


Create and Appreciate the Visual Arts 

AGTV Executive Board

2017-2018 AGTV Board of Directors

President:  Carolyn Koup 

Vice President for Programs:  Pennie Cockrel   

Treasurer:  Gerie Hicks 

Secretary:  Laura Hersh 

Workshops & Classes:  Cindy Vermeersch 

Membership:  Tina Shrewsbury 

Publicity: Leslie McDonough

Past President:   Carolyn Koup


Chairpersons:  AGTV 2017-2018:

Class/Worshop Coordinator:  Cindy Vermeersch 

Website Coordinator:  Jan Kastens 

Hospitality:  Helen Sanderson

Newsletter: David Watson 

Equipment Manager: Doug Christman 

Chota Gallery Managers: Mary Dougherty,  MaryMulherin 

Historian/photographer: Jim Noonan 

AGTV Spring Art Show Co-Chairs:  Tina Shrewsbury and Laurie Chisholm