Art Guild of Tellico Village


Create and Appreciate the Visual Arts 

AGTV Executive Board

2020-2021 AGTV Board of Directors

Co-Presidents: Mary Kay Bogardus and Perry Flanagan,

Past President: Lee Edge

Vice President: Carolyn Cook

Membership: Jack Retterer,

Treasurer: Pat Kurowski

Secretary: Susan Licata

Workshop & Classes: Laura Hersh (interim)

Publicity:  Deborah Nance

AGTV Chairs 2020-2021

Hospitality: Peg Huff and Roberta Bright

Photography/Historian: Jim Noonan

Chota Managers: Mary Dougherty and Mary Mulherin

Facebook Manager: Mary Dougherty

Communications: open

Website Coordinator: KC Babb,

Equipment Managers: Jeff Decker and Cathy Bordenaro
Spring Art Show Open
Brown Bag Chair: Pam George