Art Guild of Tellico Village


Create and Appreciate the Visual Arts 

AGTV Galleries

The Art Guild of Tellico Village utilizes two facilities located in Tellico Village for members to exhibit their art works.  These are the Chota Recreation Center Hall Gallery and the Wellness Center Hall Gallery.  Member artists contact the AGTV Chota Exhibit Manager or the Wellness Center Assistant Manager to schedule their exhibit dates.  Additionally, guild members may post their personal on-line gallery, Facebook, or blog site.

Chota Gallery 

If you are an AGTV member in good standing and have artwork to sell, this is your opportunity to display your art work at the  Chota Center in Tellico Village for a three-month period.  Each artist will handle the sale of their work and price their work to include a 20% fee that you will pay, by check, to TVPOA upon a sale of your art.  In the hallway there are two Gallery Walls and a Glass Display Case for smaller 2-D or 3-D.   Requirements to exhibit include:

  • The artwork must be created from your own photographs or sources
  • No size restrictions
  • All paintings submitted must be accompanied by:
    • A photo of the painting for identification purposes
    • A signed  Agreement to Hang and Sell Art at the Chota Center
    • A business card with the title of your painting, the price, your name and contact information.
To schedule an exhibit time, contact the Chota Exhibit Chairs.  Click here for guidelines to submit your art work.

Exhibit Time Frames:  Jan/Feb/Mar...Apr/May/June... Jul/Aug/Sept...Oct/Nov/Dec

Chota Exhibit Chairs:  Mary Dougherty, 865/458-4117  e-mail: OR

                                    Mary Mulherin,  865/408-2608    e-mail:

Chota Manager:  Larissa Lownsdale 865/458-6779   e-mail:

Wellness Center

Art Guild members also have an opportunity to exhibit their art works at the Tellico Village Wellness Center.  The Choto Manager schedules all exhibits.  The member contacts the manager directly to schedule their exhibit dates. Click here for guidelines to submit your art work.  Contact:   Chota Manager, Larissa Lownsdale 865/458-6779   e-mail:

Member Gallery

As a member benefit, AGTV members have the opportunity to showcase their art works on the Tellico Art Guild Website Member Gallery.  Each member presents a sampling of their art works and a link to their website, Facebook page, blog page, or to other art business websites.  Enjoy the tour of these many fabulous galleries by clicking the button below.