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Create and Appreciate the Visual Arts 

AGTV Instructor Classes 2019-2020

For classes taught by the AGTV Instructors, please contact the instructor directly to register for the class and to arrange payment for the class. Instructors will provide you with a supply list for the class.  AGTV classes are conducted at the Chota Rec Center in Tellico Village, 145 Awohili Dr, Loudon, TN 37774 unless otherwise noted.   All class re-scheduling and participant cancellation is handled directly with the class instructor.

Beginning Drawing: No experience needed

Learn Perspective and Freehand Drawing from Observation with Shading  

Instructor: Lee Edge, TnWS, SW 

Location: Chota Rec Center, Room A 145 Awohili Dr.

Dates: Starting Friday Sept. 27, 2019 from 9 to 4 (considered 2 classes), Oct. 11, 9 to Noon, Oct. 18, 9 to 4, Oct. 25, 9 to 4, Nov. 8, 9 to Noon. The times are equivalent to 8, 3-hour sessions. Bring lunch and beverage for full-day sessions.

Fee: $180 with a deposit of $50 due to Lee Edge by Sept. 1, 2019. Papers for the class will be provided. Students will receive a supply list as they make a deposit. Jerry’s Artaram in Knoxville will have the supplies.

Class minimum is 8 and maximum in 12.

For more information contact Lee Edge, 458-3118. Send deposits to Lee at 275 Dudala Way, Loudon, 37774.

Beginning Watercolor: No Experience Needed

The class will focus on fundamentals of watercolor from basic mixing, washes, negative painting, mini landscapes, and possibly more, time permitting.

Instructor: Lee Edge, TnWS, SW 

Location: Chota Rec. Center, Room A

Dates: Tuesday Mornings starting Oct. 1 through November 12, 2019, 7 classes of 3 hours each.

Deposit of $50 due to Lee Edge by Sept. 1, 2019. See address above. The class fee is $175.00 with initial papers provided.

Supplies: A list will be provided with sign ups and deposit. Jerry’s Artarama will have the supplies.

Class minimum is 6 and maximum is 12.

Continued/Advanced Watercolor: Reflection in Windows

Participants must have at least two previous watercolor class experiences and are expected to provide individual, original photo references from which to work. If enough sign up early, we will do a field trip into Knoxville for photo sessions. We are not interested in mannequins but rather interesting items in store windows with reflections from the outside creating unusual and interesting and possibly mysterious shapes to paint.

Instructor: Lee Edge, TnWS, SW  

Location: Chota Rec. Center, 145 Awohili Dr.

Dates: Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 4 P M starting Oct. 1 to Nov. 12, 2019. We meet for 7 sessions but may extend to 8.

Fees: $175.00 for up to 8 3-hour sessions. A deposit of $50 is due ASAP so we can schedule a photo field trip soon. Send deposits to Lee Edge at 275 Dudala Way, Loudon 37774.

Class minimum is 6 and maximum is 12.

Free Jewelry Making Classes - 2nd Monday of September Chota Room A

Instructor: Ginger Hawn Cooper

Dates: September 9th, 9 AM to 12 Noon


I recycle many things and use what is already available and in many cases what people throw away or recycled. I am now working on slumping and fussing and painting on glass & making jewelry out of glass. If you would like to you can bring me some used glass bottles. I take any size, color, shape, etc.

  • Types of wire, thread, strings , plastic, fishing wire & waxed thread
    • What each type for stringing of beads pros and cons are
    • Where to buy these items
    • Size of the wires etc “what does gauge mean?” & why size is important.
  • Difference in beads size & what type of thread. wire etc they need
    • Ways to fasten the ends off to hold the beads in place.
    • Types of beads pro & cons
  • Tools you need to bead with
    • Beading trays, bead holders, tools to change wire shapes, close off beads, twist wire etc

Free Jewelry Making Classes - 2nd Monday of October Chota Room A

Instructor: Ginger Hawn Cooper

Dates: October 14, 9 AM to 12 Noon


I will be teaching on wire wrapping

What you will need:

  • Beads a few size 10-20 mm or pendants
  • Wire 16-18 gauge color of your choose
  • Round Nose Mini Pliers Jewelry Beading Hobbyist Wire Wrapping Tool

Free Jewelry Making Classes - 2nd Monday of November Chota Room A

Instructor: Ginger Hawn Cooper

Dates: November 11, 9 AM to 12 Noon


How to string a necklace from start to finish

Supplies to be announced.

Scratchboard 101

Instructor: Judy Lavoie
Date:   Friday, November 15, 2019, from 1-4pm
Location:  Chota Recreation Center Room A
Fee: $15; limit of 30 participants

Lecture-based "how-to" beginner class to introduce Scratchboards as a unique and exciting surface for artwork. Her presentation will focus on white "Aquabord®" and black "Scratchbord®". Included will be examples of Judy's fine art done in watercolor and acrylics on these surfaces, with a power-point presentation. 

Topics to be explored include:

  • why do scratchboard
  • what are advantages of scratchboard panels
  • what type of subjects lend themselves to scratchboard
  • tools and materials
  • step-by-step instructions, with tips and special techniques
  • goodie bag of scratchboard panels and tools for each participant
  • list of reference sources and a treasure chest of resources for scratchboarding
  • "try it out" table with sample boards and tools for participants to get the feel of scratchboards during breaks

For beginners or experienced artists who want to add an interesting new surface to their repertoire; all ability levels are welcome. Class is limited to 30 participants.
Payment in full is required to reserve space (cash or check payable to Judy Lavoie)
Class fee is non-refundable unless the class is cancelled by the instructor and not re-scheduled.