Art Guild of Tellico Village


Create and Appreciate the Visual Arts 

AGTV Executive Board

2018-2019 AGTV Board of Directors

President: Tutt Hoy,  [email protected], (h) 865-657-9368, (c) 865-696-5350

Past President: Carolyn Koup , [email protected], 423-884-2985, (c) 423-404-8069

Vice President: Kate McCullough, [email protected], 865-604-1406

Membership: Tina Shrewsbury, [email protected]. 302-793-8403

Treasurer: Pat Kurowski, [email protected], (h) 865-657-9461, (c) 615-516-3278

Secretary: Cathy Bradley,  [email protected], 972-824-9209

Workshop & Classes: Laura Hersh,  [email protected], 630-649-8020 

Publicity:  Leslie McDonough,  [email protected], 413-348-7642

AGTV Chairs 2018-2019

Hospitality: Cathy Bradley,  [email protected], 972-8224-9209

Photography/Historian: Jim Noonan, [email protected], 865-816-2981

Chota Managers: Mary Dougherty, [email protected], 865-408-2608 and Mary Mulherin, [email protected]


Newsletter: Mary Kay Connell,  [email protected], 865-657-3183

Website Coordinator: David Watson, [email protected], 865-599-9874

Equipment Inventory: Leslie McDonough[email protected], 413-348-7642

Spring Art Show - Open